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Yerba Mate Is Our Passion

We are here to support the mission of saving the rainforest. Facilitating the growth, sales and distribution of Yerba Mate and other wellness products.

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Guayaki Yerba Mate
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Why Yerba Mate?


Our Mission:

  1. Sell MORE Guayaki Yerba Mate online.
  2. Sell MORE Yerba Mate in general to support the people of the rainforest.
  3. Donate a portion of our proceeds to saving the rainforest and the planet at large.

Through you have access to TONS of Yerba Mate. We always suggest you try and buy Guayaki Yerba Mate first! That’s because their mission and product is near and dear to our hearts.

However, in our store below you will find access to everything yerba mate. Enjoy!

Other Shops and Products:

Balibetov is great for yerba mate accessories like gourds and kits.

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